Attendance policies can be defined at company level across hierarchy. Attendance tracking of the employees can be recorded either by sharing the GPS locations, or by interfacing with biometric machines, pushing thru excel and other means. Tracking of attendance can be done by the employees and their managers on finger tips.

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Attendance Policy
Grace time for Punch In and Punch out along with frequency can be defined along with non fulfilment criteria.
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Geo Fencing based Punches
Auto approved punches if done within Geo Fencing.
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On Duty
Duty Slips can be pre-approved where employees can't punch.
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Dynamic Time Management
Different Rates of Over Time can be configured to encourage employees and compensate them accordingly for Day and Night.
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Flexi timing Shifts
System supports Flexi time for people whose productive time matters.
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Working hours analysis
On Line analysis of working hours to plan productivity and do necessary corrections.
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Quick Summary of Time attendance
Employees and Managers can keep track of Attendance Summary at all times.
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Dynamic Duty Roster
Prodigious supports random changes in Shift Roster to support complex need of organizations.
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Upload Duty Roster
Provision to Upload Shift Roster from Excel can be done for multiple days and multiple employees.
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Shift Change
HR can change Shift to regularize employee punches if needed.
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Shift Exchange
Employees can exchange Shift with other employees of same department.

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