Payroll Management

Different combinations and permutations of salary components can be defined with ease. Dynamic Formulas for the computation of salary components can be defined. Salary Processing for Payroll Month- for groups or for selected employees is manageable. Auto calculation of all incomes, deductions & Company Contributions (PF, ESI, etc.) as per requirement Emailing and Texting of Payslips.

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Easy Payroll Process with Dashboard
Single Click Payroll Processing.
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Supports complex Salary Structures
Can support any complexity in salary structure.
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Supports Unlimited Salary Components
Can create any number of Salary components as per business needs.
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Process Increments into Salary
Increments automatically processed along with salary.
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Pay Arear Separately
Arears can be paid seperately.
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One Time Payments and Deductions
One time payments or deductions are supported.
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Bank Transfer Report Ready
Bank tranfer statement post salary can be generated from system.
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Loan & Advances Deductions
Loans and Advances can be deducted from salary.
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Payroll Reconciliation
All data realated to Payroll can be granuler and transprent.
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Perk Management
Multiple Perks can be managed per employees.

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